Self treatment and wellness hub: Physio in my Pocket

Is the potential cost of treatment putting you off? Or do you struggle to find the time to come into the clinic to see us? Then this is for you. We want to make access to expert, up to date injury rehab and advice accessible to everyone. Click below to go to our self help and wellness hub, Physio In My Pocket. 


Here we have lots of info on self treatment for the most common injuries you might experience. Click the link below to have a look what we offer in terms of free information ebooks, videos, and links, also the option to purchase self rehab programmes designed by our expert physiotherapists, which will guide you through the appropriate exercises at the right pace in order to get you back to doing what you love, at a fraction of the cost of coming in to clinic. You will be able to contact our expert physios virtually through the hub when needed.  Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and get access to  lots of useful stuff! 


Click here to see all our advice to download and courses available to purchase, and to join our wellness community for access to our expert webinars, talks and question and answer sessions.